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Global Citizen Joe coffee and tea products is clean, free of any preservatives and it provides a very high quality for all customers. We are heavily committed to value and professionalism, and we have a very specific, clean way of preparing and distributing coffee. We never use any GMOs, preservatives or chemicals. That means our coffee is always clean, and we guarantee that with all our certifications and unmatched expertise. If you want the best, organic and clean coffee on the market, give Global Citizen Joe coffee & tea a try today!



UTZ Certified is a label and a program for sustainable farming. The certification program is for sustainable cocoa, tea and coffee. What this means is that products with such certification were sourced from a farm or similar establishment to the shelf in a sustainable manner. All the UZT suppliers need to follow the code of conduct in order to receive their certification. They provide specific guidance on how to care for nature, the specific working conditions and farming methods. This is a very important certification that clearly shows the outstanding product quality manufacturers with this certification provide to their customers.



The certification from Rainforest Alliance shows that the product was created by farmers while protecting the environment. No chemicals were used for the production of this product, and instead the main focus was to rely only on sustainable materials and compounds. Their symbol shows they are focused on economic, social and environmental sustainability. It clearly shows that coffee with the Rainforest Alliance seal is sustainable, it helps protect the environment, while still having a very natural, outstanding taste that’s fully natural and free of any unwanted compounds.



The main focus for the IWCA is to empower women that are a part of the coffee community to achieve sustainable and meaningful lives. They also help recognize and encourage the participation of women during any part of the production process within the coffee industry. This certification shows that our business has women working on coffee production, distribution and marketing. The IWCA respects the inclusion of women in any coffee process, and that’s why it’s a very important aspect that everyone in the industry understands and respects at this time. We are very proud to offer women a way to be a part of the coffee industry and participate in creating some of the best coffee on the market.


The Specialty Coffee Association is a very high recommendation coming from the Standards Committee. What the SCA shows is that the value of this coffee is very high, and it surpasses a multitude of requirements from the entire industry. SCA studies the water activity standard, surface for grading, green grading sample size and any defects. That means all certified coffee comes at a very high quality and it provides outstanding results for all customers. It also surpasses most coffee options on the market with its quality.



All the coffee you receive from Global Citizen Joe is fully organic. It’s prepared using only high standard measures, and there are no chemicals involved. This is a fully natural, high quality coffee that covers all the industry standards, while also making sure it retains the same consistency. We only prepare 100% organic coffee and sell it to customers all over the world. This certification shows that all of our coffee is extremely high quality and you never have to worry about it being organic or not. We are always focused on delivering the best experience to customers, and we have our own coffee growing grounds where there are no chemicals or unwanted compounds.


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