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3 Simple Tips For Making Perfect Coffee

Want to brew the perfect cup of coffee? Here are 3 simple tips that will make a difference in every single cup you drink. Tip #1 - Clean Coffee Pot...

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Okay, I've Made My Espresso, Now What Do I Do With the Milk?

You have your espresso machine.  You have learned how to make a great shot of expresso.  Ben Harris tells you how to turn that cold pitcher of milk into the foaming steamed milk that makes your plain espresso into a great latte or cappuccino. Read More

Tips for Finding the Best Coffee Makers

Many people love to take their breakfast with their best buddy – the coffee maker. This happens almost every morning and every time they feel like sipping a good cup of coffee. Well, coffee makers are really coffee addicts’ best-friend. It is always there, ready to make your best cup of coffee. Because of this, coffee makers need to be treated with best care. The decision of choosing and finding it is something that should not be taken for granted. After all, you are going to spend bucks just to acquire it. Read More

Cleaning Your All Important Coffee Machines

If you are one of the many that love coffee or live with someone that does; odds are you have at least one coffee machine; though it’s not unheard of to have backups just in case this very important appliance fails. Whether you have one or many coffee machines; cleaning the machine can give you many more fresh cups of clean coffee.

Of course you may even need to consider this at more than one location as well. You may have coffee machines at home, work, and maybe even out ... Read More

Choosing good coffee beans

Choosing good coffee beans has a lot more to do with art than with science. And those who know how to, will spare nothing just to find the best coffee beans that money can buy. But why should you care? Coffee beans are just coffee beans, right? And coffee is just…coffee. What’s the big deal?

Well, if you’re fond of the common supermarket variety of coffee beans, then chances are that you’re right. It isn’t such a big deal. But once you have tried the real good coffee beans you will understand why so many people go to such lengths just to find the perfect beans for the perfect cup of coffee. Read More

Caffeine Benefits - Does It Boost Memory?

I am not disputing that some people are more sensitive to the negative effects of either caffeine or chocolate. For example, excess caffeine can create anxiety, nausea (particularly if taken on an empty stomach), an increase in heart rate, and even depression in some people. And chocolate is certainly not something that should form the mainstay of one's diet. If struggling with sugar addiction, or wanting to lose weight, there are more nutritionally complete foods that are available. Read More

The Coffee Maker Style Guide

According to some statistics, 52 percent of Americans are coffee drinkers.  This translates to more than 100 million people who drink coffee daily. Americans are a diverse population and far from unanimously agreeing on what makes a good cup of coffee. Fortunately, there are several different styles of coffee makers available today. Read More

Coffee Grounds & Your Future

Reading your fortune with coffee is a lot like taking a Rorschach test. You need to get the big picture and interpret the symbols correctly to know what lies ahead.

Here's the step-by-step guide to how to prepare to read c

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Coffee and Health

Coffee and health used to be a controversial theme in the seventies. Nowadays, moderate coffee consumption is rather exonerated from its supposed negative long term effects upon health. My mother used to be one of those persons who taught her offspring, in its early ages, that coffee is not bad. It is bad bad bad! In consequence, I managed to keep away from coffee. At least until the difficult age of 10, when, as I remember, I was permitted to join mother and neighbor-friends at the coffee-tattle table. Read More
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