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April 21 Today Again

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Advisor Appreciation Day, 
Battle of San Jacinto, , 
Big Word Day, 
Festival of Ridvan
International Hemp Day, , 
Keep Off the Grass Day, , 
National Alex Day
National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day, 
National Chickpea Day
National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day, , 
National Javier Day
National Kindergarten Day, , 
National Pet CBD day, , 
National Surprise Drug Test Day, , 
National Tea Day, 
National Yellow Bat Day, , 
San Jacinto Day, 
Thank You for Libraries Day, 
Tiradentes Day
Tiradentes' Day, , 
Tuna Rights Day, , 
World Creativity and Innovation Day, , 
World Curlew Day, , 
Fiddler's Frolic, , 
International Mariachi Week, 
National And Global Youth Service Days, 
Ridvan Festival (Bahá'i), 
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