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September 10 Today Again

Celebrating September 10th's Unique Holidays and Observances with Global Citizen Joe


As we embrace the start of a new day on September 10th, let's dive into the festivities by honoring National TV Dinner Day - a nostalgic celebration of this beloved convenience meal. Whether it's a comforting plate of Salisbury steak, mac and cheese, or a classic dessert, TV dinners have become a cultural icon. So, grab a tray, indulge in your favorite TV dinner, and let's explore the other remarkable holidays and observances that grace this day:

 Day of the Homeland:

A day to celebrate and honor one's homeland. It's an opportunity to reflect on the cultural heritage, traditions, and values that form the foundation of our identities.

 Grandparents Day:

A special occasion to honor and cherish the wisdom, love, and guidance of our grandparents. Take the time to show appreciation and create lasting memories with these treasured family members.

 Harvest Moon Festival:

A traditional East Asian celebration of the full moon, abundance, and giving thanks for a bountiful harvest. Join in the festivities, marvel at the beauty of the moon, and indulge in mooncakes.

 Hug Your Hound Day:

A day to pamper and show love to our furry canine friends. Shower them with hugs, treats, and extra belly rubs to celebrate the unconditional love they bring into our lives.

 National Anti-Jump Light Day:

An awareness day dedicated to reminding pedestrians and drivers of the importance of obeying traffic signals and staying safe while on the roads.

 National Pet Memorial Day:

A time to remember and honor our beloved pets who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Take a moment to reflect on the joy and companionship they brought into our lives.

 St. George's Caye Day:

A holiday that commemorates the Battle of St. George's Caye, a significant moment in Belizean history. It's a day to celebrate Belizean culture, independence, and national pride.

 Swap Ideas Day:

A day to encourage the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and experiences. Engage in meaningful conversations, exchange perspectives, and expand your horizons through the power of shared ideas.

 Top Up Day:

A day to review your goals, assess your progress, and recharge your motivation. Use this day to refocus and take small steps towards achieving personal and professional success.

 White Balloon Day:

An initiative aimed at raising awareness about the impact of child sexual abuse and promoting a safe and supportive environment for children. Stand against child abuse by participating in activities that spread awareness and support survivors.

 World Suicide Prevention Day:

A day to raise awareness about suicide prevention and mental health. Join global efforts to spread understanding, support, and empathy, and promote conversations around mental well-being.

 Folic Acid Awareness Week:

A week dedicated to promoting the importance of folic acid supplementation, especially for women of childbearing age, to prevent birth defects. Learn about the benefits of folic acid and spread awareness to support healthy pregnancies.

 Housekeepers Week:

A week to recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of housekeeping professionals. Take the time to express gratitude for their contributions in maintaining clean and welcoming spaces.

National Assisted Living Week:

A week-long celebration honoring residents and staff in assisted living communities. It's an opportunity to show appreciation and create meaningful connections with seniors in assisted living.

Suicide Prevention Week:

A week dedicated to raising awareness and promoting education about suicide prevention. Join initiatives that support mental health, spread resources, and foster a supportive environment for those in need.


At Global Citizen Joe, we celebrate the spirit of global citizenship and support various nonprofit organizations that make a positive impact on global communities. With our carefully curated coffee blends, you can indulge in a delicious cup of coffee while knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes towards these important causes. From promoting education to supporting sustainable development, your cup of Global Citizen Joe coffee makes a difference.


On September 10th, let's honor a variety of unique holidays and observances while savoring a TV dinner and a cup of Global Citizen Joe coffee. It's a perfect combination to cherish special moments and embrace the wonderful diversity of our world.

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St. George's Caye Day, 
Swap Ideas Day, , 
Top Up Day, 
White Balloon Day, , 
World Suicide Prevention Day, 
Folic Acid Awareness Week
Housekeepers Week, , 
National Assisted Living Week, 
Nephrology Nurses Week, , 
Suicide Prevention Week, 
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