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June 22 Today Again

June 22nd is a date that signals the beginning of summer and is celebrated as an auspicious day in many parts of the world. This date has a significant history and has several holidays that are celebrated in daily observances. Here are some of the June 22nd holidays:


 National Chocolate Eclair Day: This day is dedicated to that heavenly, light-as-air pastry known as the chocolate eclair. It is a popular French dessert consisting of a crisp, hollow pastry filled with cream and topped with chocolate icing.


 National HVAC Tech Day: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) technicians play a critical role in keeping our homes and workplaces comfortable and safe. National HVAC Tech Day celebrates the hard work and dedication of these professionals who work tirelessly to ensure our comfort and safety.


 National Take Your Dog to Work Day: This holiday aims to encourage dog owners to bring their furry friends to work with them. Celebrated on the Friday following Father's Day each year, this day not only promotes the bond between dog and owner but also encourages employers to create a pet-friendly work environment.


 International Yoga Day: Celebrated annually on June 21st, International Yoga Day is a day dedicated to promoting physical and mental health through the practice of yoga. It was first suggested by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, in 2014 to the United Nations General Assembly.


 Summer Solstice: June 22nd marks the beginning of summer and is also known as the Summer Solstice. On this day, the sun's rays directly hit the Tropic of Cancer, resulting in the longest daylight hours of the year. This day is celebrated in many parts of the world with rituals, festivals, and other forms of merrymaking.


 St. John's Eve: St. John's Eve is celebrated on June 23rd, but the festivities usually begin on the evening of June 22nd. This day is marked by bonfires, fireworks, and other celebrations. It is celebrated in many parts of the world and is usually associated with the summer solstice.


In conclusion, June 22nd is an auspicious day that marks the beginning of summer and has several holidays that are celebrated in daily observances. From chocolate eclairs to HVAC technicians to yoga, this date has something to offer for everyone. So, take some time out to celebrate these holidays and enjoy the beginning of summer!


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