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July 8 Today Again

July 8th may seem like any other day on the calendar, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a fascinating array of holidays and daily observances. In this article, we explore the unique celebrations that take place on July 8th, shedding light on the traditions and significance behind these special events.

Video Games Day:

On July 8th, gamers around the world unite to celebrate Video Games Day. This observance recognizes the immense popularity and influence of video games in modern culture. From immersive storytelling and captivating graphics to thrilling multiplayer experiences, video games have become a powerful form of entertainment and a beloved pastime. On this day, enthusiasts indulge in their favorite games, reminisce about nostalgic gaming moments, and appreciate the artistry and innovation of the industry.


SCUD Day, also known as "Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama" Day, encourages individuals to lighten their spirits, find humor in everyday situations, and take a break from drama and negativity. It serves as a reminder to prioritize laughter, joy, and positivity in our lives. On July 8th, participate in activities that bring a smile to your face, share jokes with friends, and disconnect from stress-inducing news or drama, allowing yourself to see the lighter side of life.

National Blueberry Day:

July 8th also marks National Blueberry Day, dedicated to celebrating the delicious and nutritious blueberry. Rich in antioxidants and bursting with flavor, blueberries offer numerous health benefits. On this day, enjoy blueberries in various forms, from adding them to pancakes and smoothies to using them in desserts and salads. Additionally, explore the importance of sustainable farming practices in ensuring the availability of this delightful fruit for years to come.

Be a Kid Again Day:

Be a Kid Again Day reminds us of the joy and carefree spirit of childhood. On July 8th, embrace your inner child by engaging in activities that evoke nostalgia and bring a sense of playfulness. From flying kites and playing with bubbles to indulging in your favorite childhood treats, this observance encourages adults to let go of responsibilities for a while and reconnect with the innocence and wonder of youth.

Nelson Mandela International Day:

July 8th is also significant as Nelson Mandela International Day, commemorating the legacy of the renowned anti-apartheid leader and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. This day serves as a global call to action, encouraging individuals to make a positive impact in their communities and contribute to positive change. On this day, engage in volunteer work, promote social justice, and honor Mandela's values of equality, compassion, and dedication to public service.


As the calendar ticks on to July 8th, it becomes evident that this date holds a diverse range of holidays and daily observances. Whether you're immersing yourself in the world of video games, seeking humor and positivity on SCUD Day, enjoying the health benefits of blueberries on National Blueberry Day, reconnecting with your inner child, or paying tribute to Nelson Mandela's legacy, July 8th offers opportunities for celebration, reflection, and action. Embrace the spirit of these observances, find meaning in their traditions, and make the most of the unique festivities that July 8th brings.


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