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January 22 Today Again

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Celebration of Life Day
Chinese Lunar New Year's Day, , 
Chinese New Year, 
Chinese Spring Festival, , 
Come in From the Cold Day, 
Dance of the Seven Veils Day, , 
Grandpa's Day, 
Korean New Year
National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day, , 
National Bible Sunday
National Blonde Brownie Day, 
National Hot Sauce Day, 
National Polka Dot Day, , 
National Sanctity of Human Life Day, , 
National Ty Day
National Vincent Day
Plurinational State Foundation Day, 
Roe vs. Wade Day, 
Sonam Lhosar, 
Tet Eve Vietnam, 
Tet Holiday, 
Children’s Week, , 
Kiss a Shark Week, , 
National School Choice Week, 
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