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Your Everyday Joe: Liquid Tar: America's Strongest Coffee - Premium Honduras/Calabria, Italy Single Origin Coffee & Tea Blend 1 lb Ground Coftea®
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"Your Everyday Joe's Liquid Tar is the epitome of a bold and robust coffee experience!

As someone who takes their coffee seriously, I was blown away by the strength and depth of this blend. The combination of premium Honduras and Calabria Italy single-origin Tea and coffee creates a delightful harmony of flavors that lingers on the palate. The ground texture was perfect for my French press, ensuring a smooth and full-bodied cup every time.

Robbie Harris
Great robust flavor! Will order again!!

A great cup of coffee!! Loved the robust flavor. Will definitely buy again!

Erica Rymell
Great flavor!

Best way to wake up in the morning! The flavor of espresso is so creamy and thick! I was surprised that I didn't need any creamer or sugar added to it. The beans are very fresh! AWESOME! I have recommended this product to everyone who loves coffee!

Timmy B
Something new

I thought I'd give this coffee a try and I'm happy I did. The coffee is great fresh and arrived on time.

Ronald Morgan
Received my order on time today in the mail

The coffee's great and the delivery was fast. When I am done this bag I will try a different origin. Thanks!!!

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