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Clash of Creativity and Coffee – The Tesla Take-off

Our beans are sun-dried, roasted, and brewed for coffee lovers to make an amazing cup of coffee with a great aroma and excellent flavor. Our first line of coffee beans is carefully handpicked in Sumatra, Indonesia from our professional partner farmers (Gcjoe Fields) who take great care of our beans while processing them. 
Our coffee beans are bird-friendly and grown with great care at all costs. The quality of coffee depends on the place where it is grown, the altitude, the dry and wet processing. The regions where the coffee beans grow highly affect the coffee’s 
taste and aroma. 
At high altitudes the temperature is low and coffee beans grow slowly 
with more amazing ethos accumulated from the surrounding environment. The dry and wet process of beans affects the results in the quality of flavor. Roasting the beans brings out the aroma and preserved quintessence hidden in our green coffee beans.

Coffee beans, the seeds of a fruit, commonly called the coffee cherry. The outer skin of the cherry that houses the bean is called the exocarp. Below the beans, exocarp is the mesocarp, a thin layer of pulp. Before reaching the cherry seed, you will find a slimy layer known as the parenchyma. Many are unaware that there are two coffee seeds per cherry, and this discovery brings us to a layer of reality into infinity and beyond. 
This phenomenon reveals a binary pattern system of the number two and hints at its forever bearing power. In addition to the anatomy of a coffee cherry nature as we know, obeys the number two binary system.
Cells and embryos develop by following this superior pattern of two like the coffee cherry. This pattern is known to be the 
blueprint of God or the thumbprint of the creator of all things.

We have crafted a coffee roasting method we like to call The Tesla Take-off for fun still we're very serious in our approach.

Our Dark Roast coffee is carefully roasted to bring its perfect dark brown color and rich awakening aroma embodying an exceptional taste one would sincerely appreciate. We have developed this creative technique to roast the Mother-Roast line of coffee beans. The biggest inspiration behind this coffee roasting technique is Nikola Tesla's theory 
of numbers three, six, and nine. Nikola is said to be the father of the electric age.

In Vortex Mathematics, there is a science named Taurus Anatomy which talks about a pattern that forever repeats itself with the numbers one, two, four, eight, seven, and five, etc. But the numbers three, six, and nine are not included in the numbering pattern of the Taurus Anatomy.

According to Nikola Tesla; “If you knew the magnificence of the numbers three, six, and nine you would have a key to the universe.” But we only claim to have one of the keys to a method of roasting an astonishing batch of Dark Roast coffee. He claimed that these numbers were the most important figures out of all the integers. We decided to use these three numbers in our process and the theory behind the power numbers and esteemed routine of the pattern uncovered excellent results.

We applied these figures as our temperature at which we will start roasting the beans and use these three supernatural numbers into a clever motif in timing in which we increase the temperature carefully and gradually. It is said that these numbers represent a vector from the third and fourth dimensions known to be a flux field which is said to be a higher unknown energy and is the power source for the other number points of the Taurus Anatomy. This is the energy we attempt to tap into in theory for the sake of creativity, imagination, and most importantly pure fun but yet again I stress at the same time we are serious in our attempt.

In our creative technique, the coffee is roasted at a pre-heated three hundred and sixty-nine degrees Fahrenheit, keeping in mind the significance of the mysterious numbers according to Nikola Tesla, here begins the twist, we gradually increase the temperature for 3 minutes, at this time the moisture that coffee beans contain will evaporate and they will transform their green color into light brown, then the next 6 minutes we dump all the beans from the roaster to cool then apply them back into the coffee roasting machine again for the next nine minutes raising the heat to a particular temperature that we can't disclose, but some minutes after reapplying the beans back into the roaster the chocolate beans will swell considerably and the first cracking sound will be heard which makes it partially roasted, and after the next 9 minutes, the temperature will again be greater than before and then we finally get an exact outstanding result of the Mother-Roast line of our dark roast coffee.

We couldn't have imagined the spectacular results of this "Nikola Tesla" inspired developed technique of roasting. We were amazed by the outcome. Yes, we achieved properly roasted coffee beans with exact brown color, excellent taste, and great aroma of chocolate; we have succeeded in creating perfectly roasted coffee beans uniquely done our way. Now, they are ready for you to grind and brew so you may discover free bodily energy you can harness to boldly master your day.Get fully charged and be in charge! Drink Mother Roast from the Mother Ship and experience bliss you're not expecting from a cup of coffee that’s out of this world. 

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