ื”ืขื’ืœื” ืฉืœืš ื›ืจื’ืข ืจื™ืงื”.

Basic Bubble Bath Recipe

Use only 100% pure soap flakes.

Almond Oil--2 cups

Distilled Water--2 cups Soap

Flakes (or grated soap)--1 cup

Witch Hazel--2 Tbsp

Boil the spring water and melt the soap in it.

In another container, mix the witch hazel and almond oil together and shake well. (If possible, do this in a blender.)

Then slowly add the soap mixture to the witch hazel and oil blend and again, shake or blend well.

These amounts will make a large quantity of basic bubble bath mixture to which you can add the essential oils of your choice as and when required.

For each 2 tablespoons of base bubble bath, use 15 drops of essential oil and mix well.

Use 1-2 teaspoons of the final product in each bath.


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