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May 4 Today Again

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45 Day, 
Anti-Bullying Day, 
Dave Brubeck Day, 
Firefighters' Memorial Day, , 
God of Medicine's Birthday
Greenery Day, , 
Greenery Day (Midori no Hi), 
International Firefighters Day, , 
International Respect for Chickens Day, , 
K.I.N.D. Day, , 
Kent State Shootings Remembrance, 
National Candied Orange Peel Day, 
National Day of Prayer, , 
National Day of Reason
National Kids Fitness Day, , 
National Orange Juice Day, 
National Remembrance Day in Netherlands, 
National Renewal Day, , 
National Weather Observers Day, , 
Pesach Sheni, 
Petite and Proud Day
Relationship Renewal Day, 
Rhode Island Independence Day, 
Star Wars Day, 
The 1940 Centennial, 
World Give Day, 
World Password Day
Red Cross Week
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