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April 27 Today Again

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American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action
Autism Super Mom Day, , 
Babe Ruth Day, , 
Day of Uprising Against Occupation, 
Free Feral Cat Spay Day, 
Freedom Day (South Africa), , 
Gathering of Nations (Pow Wow)
International Donor Conception Awareness Day, 
International Girls In ICT Day, , 
Koningsdag, , 
Lapu Lapu Day, , 
Love Your Thighs Day, 
Mantanzas Mule Day, , 
Marine Mammal Rescue Day, 
Morse Code Day, , 
National Alicia Day
National Devil Dog Day, , 
National Little Pampered Dog Day, 
National Patricia Day
National Pneumatics Day, , 
National Prime Rib Day, 
National Support Teen Literature Day, , 
National Teach Children To Save Day, , 
National Tell A Story Day, , 
Order of National Artists, 
Sierra Leone Independence Day, 
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, , 
Togo Independence Day (Togo), 
Woody Woodpecker Day, 
World Design Day, 
World Tapir Day, , 
American Quilters Society Week, 
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